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SG diagrams free online in South Africa

September 8, 2011

SG (Surveyor-General) diagrams, for all surveyed or developed land parcels in South Africa, are available free of charge on the Chief Surveyor-General’s website, The diagrams show the length in metres of every straight side of a property. The angles between adjacent sides can be measured with a protractor. Once on the site, click on DATA, then DOCUMENT IMAGE, then Search on Town / Region / Farm name, then enter Province name, then Township (suburb) name, then Parcel (erf / stand) number, then SEARCH. More than one page might come up. View each page and select the most suitable page to print or save. You can pan and zoom the diagram as needed.

A search for a full title stand in an estate may yield diagrams showing the layout of stands in the entire estate or part thereof. You can then zoom and pan the diagram to view a specific stand. Such diagrams will show the dimensions of every stand in the estate or section thereof. There will also be a table next to the diagram, or on a separate page, listing the stand numbers and their areas in square metres.

Architects, draughtsmen and builders require an SG diagram in order to set the position of a building on a property, as well to plan the layout of pipes, drains and electrical cables.  Sometimes banks also request an SG diagram of a vacant land parcel during the process of evaluation of an application for bond finance by a purchaser.

Ideally, every property owner should maintain a file on each property which should contain the SG diagram, building plans, plumbing and wiring diagrams, and detailed & dated maintenance records including, for instance, paint colour codes & brand names, plumbing hardware series’ names etc & manufacturers’/ suppliers’ details.

By Alexander Tshakalisa, Property Consultant(Residential & commercial sales & letting), Acutts Midrand, Tel: +27 11 315 6844, Cell: +27 83 300 8199, email: / Website:

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